Novel Translation For <<1/2 Prince>>

Well, this webby is for fun actually, so i would only translate when i have the time. :D

And since a website have volume 1 chap 1-3, i would upload from volume 1 chap 4, here the link of the website which have the translated version of the English novel. ( ).

And since this web is for fun, my translation is not perfect, therefore, i hope you can understand. :D. Will update if i have the time to translate another chapter. :D

And Updates are also noted in the pages, navigation are at the left sides. Please click on the "Updates" tab to check on my updates. :D

No one helped in proofreading, so, if you want and don't mind, please read, but if you mind, wait for this website ( translation, their are definitely better than mine.

P.S, if you want to C&P the translated version here, please ask before you does, thanks!

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